ChM. Dr. Kuan Shiong Khoo


Algae Bioseparation Research, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Yuan Ze University, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Email: kuanshiong.khoo@hotmail.com or kuanshiong.khoo@saturn.yzu.edu.tw

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ChM. Dr. Kuan Shiong Khoo is an Assistant Professor in Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Yuan Ze University, Taiwan. Khoo’s PhD research focuses on the downstream processing of bioactive compounds such as proteins, lipids and carotenoids (i.e. astaxanthin, lutein and fucoxanthin) from microalgae using various extraction technologies such as liquid biphasic system, assisted-liquid biphasic system and ionic liquids technologies. His research interest also expanded to involve in microalgae-bacteria consortium for wastewater, heavy metal, and volatile organic compound bioremediation, algae-based biofuels and bioplastics, incorporation of Internet-of-things (IoT) and machine learning. Currently, his main research focuses on net-zero waste initative using food waste liquor to cultivate microalgae for the production of high-valuable bioactive compounds.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree (Applied Chemistry) with a major of Sustainable Chemistry at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia from 2015 to 2018. He has successfully obtained his PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at University of Nottingham, Malaysia within two years’ time after obtaining his bachelor’s degree at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. During his postgraduate study, he has received some prestigious awards and achievements, including the Best Presenter Award Postgraduate Colloquium for Environmental Research (POCER) 2019, Top 15 Finalists YSN-ASM CHRYSALIS AWARD 2021 and University of Nottingham Malaysia Postgraduate Award Prize 2020/21.

He has published over 150+ journal articles (90% are ranked in Q1 journals) during his postgraduate careers (2019 – 2021) and his current h-index is 35 and i10-index is 90 with 4000+ citations in the research field. His is as an active reviewer in various high impact journals including Chemosphere, Bioresource Technology, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Environmental Research, Bioresource Technology, Science of the Total Environment, Fuel, Phytochemistry Reviews, Scientific Reports (Nature), Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering Journal, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy and Bioengineered  He is currently an active Review Editorial in Frontier Sustainable Chemical Process Design and Circular Economy journal. He is also the guest managing editor for Bioengineered journal (Recent advances in bioprocess for sustainable high-valuable bioproducts: current and future perspective (POCER2022)). He is also served as managing and co-guest editor in some reputative journals that includes Chemosphere, Bioengineered and Energy NEXUS. He is the co-chair and organizer from UCSI University for the 6th Postgraduate Colloquium in Environmental Research (POCER 2022) conference: https://www.nottingham.edu.my/Conferences/POCER/index.aspx).

Research Areas Experience and Area of Interests

Microalgae bioprocessing from upstream to downstream

  • Microalgae technology toward net-zero waste initatives: circular bioeconomy
  • Cultivation, harvesting and biorefinery engineering
  • Microalgae-bacterial consortium for bioenergy, CO2 sequestration and wastewater bioremediation
  • Incorporation of IoT-based continuous cultivation and extraction system
Cultivation of microalgae using food waste: a net zero waste concept
Different cultivation strategies of microalgae

Liquid Biphasic System Technology

  • Development of various phase forming components
  • Implementation of assisted technologies (ultrasound, bubble and electropermeabilization-assisted) with liquid biphasic technology
  • Extraction, purification and recovery technology
Electropermeabilization-LBF system
Integrated ultrasound-assisted liquid biphasic flotation for efficient extraction of astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis
Extraction of fucoxanthin from Chaetoceros calcitrans by electropermeabilization-assisted liquid biphasic flotation system

Ionic Liquids Technology

  • Synthesis, characterization and application of ionic liquids
  • Dissolution of lignocellulosic material into cellulose processing
  • Cell permeabilization and extraction of microalgae high-value compounds
Series of alkyl carbamate ionic liquids
Scanning Electron Microscope of
Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae
Permeabilization of Haematococcus pluvialis and solid-liquid extraction of astaxanthin by CO2-based alkyl carbamate ionic liquids
Permeabilization of Chlorella sorokiniana and extraction of lutein by distillable CO2-based alkyl carbamate ionic liquids
Bioprocessing of Chaetoceros calcitrans for the recovery of fucoxanthin using CO2-based alkyl carbamate ionic liquids

Professional Appointment

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan (2022 – current)
  • Visiting Professor, Centre for Research and Graduate Studies, University of Cyberjaya, Malaysia (2022 – current)
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Chettinad Academy of Research and Education, India (2022 – current)
  • Committee Member, International Bioprocess Society (2021 – current)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher Fellow, UCSI University, Malaysia (2021 – 2022)
  • Research Associate, Bioseparation Research Group, UNM (2019 – 2021)
  • Research Associate, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (2017 – 2018)