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The search for renewable sources has gained attention due to the higher energy demand and increasing world population over decades.

Microalgae biomass has recently become increasingly significant as an alternative source for renewable bioproduct. Microalgae contains high amount of proteins, lipids, carotenoid and carbohydrates which could be the feedstock for different products.

Aim and objective of Algae Bioseparation Research

Algae Bioseparation Research is aiming to collect all various strain of algae globally. The purpose of this initiative is to preserve and prevent these authentic algae strain to be extinct.

We truly appreciate and open-up to collaborate with researchers whom are working in the similar algae research field in accessing different algae strain that are available in Malaysia. This would create an opportunity in storing, identifying and assessing different strains that are available in the algae library for future research opportunities.

Based on Sustainable Development Goal 2030 Agenda, the cultivation of microalgae are potent source to assimilate carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases in the environment which reflect to low-carbon initiative, (SDG Goal 11). In fact, the nutritious composition of microalgae would be the future food using algae-based bioproduct and this initiative would contribute to good health and well-being (SDG Goal 3)

Global Algae Submit 2023: Panelist on the discussion on Algae Venture

Panel discussion with Dato’ Syed Isa Syed Alwi (Eureka Farm Sdn, Bhd) and Professor Dr. Mohd Razif (UPM)

IChemE Research Sharing in Monash University, Malaysia

Together with Prof. Chew Kit Wayne (NTU), Prof. Show Pau Loke (KU) and Prof. Fawzi Banat (KU)

Microalgae Technology: Net-Zero Waste Initiative

Editors’ Perspective Views

Seminar talk by Professor Ashok Pandey (CSIR), Professor Chang Jo Shu (NCKU), Professor Chen Wei Hsin (NCKU) and Professor Lam Su Shiung (UMT). Thank you for the short visit to YZU

Professor Dr. Lim Jun Wei (Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS) visit to YZU

Algae visit to UPM SATREP-COSMOS PROJECT. Thank you, for warm welcoming

Algae visit to Fresh Algae Farm. Thank you, Mr Walid for warm welcoming

Algae visit to Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Thank you Associate Prof. Dr. Derek Juinn Chieh